Thursday, February 13, 2014

Theatre students participate in ACTF Region VII festival in Los Angeles.

Theatre students from the UHM Department of Theatre and Dance are attending the Region VII American College Theatre Festival in Los Angeles Feb 12 - 15. Three students were invited to particulate in the Irene Ryan Acting competition based on their performances at Kennedy Theatre. They are:

Leah Koeppel (Thread Hell) and partner Kyle Scholl
Karissa Myers (Big Love) and partner Timothy Callais, accompanist Amy Johnson
Kaitlin Souza (Big Love) and partner Shaun Dikalato

Thead Hell scenic designer Meg Hanna will present her portfolio in the design competition.

The Department of Theatre and Dance was also invited to present a scene from Thread Hell. The scene will be directed by Matthew Kelty, who was the Assistant Director for the Kennedy production. The actors will be Leah Koeppel, Kyle Scholl and  Isaac Ligsay, who were all in the original production.


Here's is how our UHM students fared at ACTF this year. Congrats to all who participated!

Meg Hanna
-National Finalist Award for Design, Technology and Management (Scenery): 
-Stagecraft Institute of Las Vegas/KCACTF 1-Week internship Award
Amy Johnson
-National Runner-Up/Alternate for the Institute of Theatre Journalism and Advocacy (Dramatic Criticism)
Matthew Kelty 
- Passed to finals for Directing with scene from Tartuffe
- Directed SDC Invited Scene (Thread Hell)
Leah Koeppel
- Performed in SDC Invited Scene (Thread Hell)
- Participated in Mathew Kelty's scene for finals for directing 
- Next Step Callbacks: Missoula Children's Theater, Neil Simon Festival, and the Theatricum Botanicum
Karissa Murrell-Myers
- Performed in SDC Invited Scene (Thread Hell)
- Performed in Directing Scene (Tartuffe), in the pre-lims and finals 
- 3 Next Step Callbacks: Kingsman Shakespeare, Neil Simon Festival & Theatricum Botanicum 
Isaac Ligsay
- Performed in SDC Invited Scene (Thread Hell)
- 2 Next Step Callbacks: Kingsman Shakespeare & Theatricum Botanicum.
Kyle Scholl
- 4 Next Step Callbacks: Missoula Children's Theater, Kingsmen Shakespeare, Neil Simon Play Festival & Theatricum Botanicum 
Kaitlin Souza 
- 3 Next Step Callbacks: CSU Summer Arts, and Stella Adler & Theatricum Botanicum, 

Shaun Dikilato 
 2 Next Step Callbacks: Stella Adler & Theatricum Botanicum

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